pdfcrunch turns PDFs into data

We’ve all been there.

You copy/paste a table from a PDF into a spreadsheet, only to spend time cleaning up formatting, whitespace, and misaligned rows and columns.

Skip the Excel gymnastics, and let pdfcrunch turn your PDFs into data.

How does it work?

1. Upload

Upload your PDF. It’s as simple as drag-and-drop.

Step 1

2. Crunch

We crunch your data for you. Or, you take the reins by drawing and tagging stencils over key areas.

Step 2

3. Download

Once your PDF has been crunched, download your data bundle.

Step 3

What else!?

Any size; any layout

Crunch your monthly bank statement, or extract every last detail from that gigabyte-sized research report.

It’s smart

Automatic table detection and header extraction — we give you a baseline stencil to tweak.

In fact, we’re working hard on a new V2 deep neural net algorithm to make it the most accurate table detector on the market.

Your data

Access your crunched data right here as a CSV download, or via an API.

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