pdfcrunch turns PDFs into data

Do you copy and paste from PDFs but always end up fixing the data afterwards in Excel?

Would you like to treat your PDF like a database?

Boy, do we have the product for you.

How does it work?

1. Upload

Upload your PDF. It's as simple as drag-and-drop

step 1 howto

2. Stencil

Tell us what you want to extract and tag by drawing stencils over key areas. Or let us detect your data for you!

step 2 howto

3. Download

Once your PDF has been crunched, download it.

step 3 howto

What else?

Any size, any layout

Crunch your monthly bank statement, or extract every last detail from that gigabyte-sized research report.

It's smart

Automatic table detection and header extraction — we give you a baseline stencil to tweak.

Your data

Access your crunched data right here as a CSV download, or via an API.

Where do I sign up?